Early morning traffic checks in Malta prove productive

Published Wed, 24/06/2015 - 15:03

A joint operation was carried out between the Traffic branch and the Dog section of Malta's Police on Sunday 21 June, where a task force organised road checks in Triq MA Vassalli, Saint Julians, under the direction and supervision of Inspector Sergio Pisani, Traffic branch.  A total of 209 (two hundred and nine) vehicles were checked and the following offences were detected:

  • 7 individuals were found to be driving under the influence of alcohol
  • 3 vehicles was found without the road license affixed to the windscreen
  • 4 drivers were booked for driving without an insurance covering damage to third parties
  • 2 drivers were found to be driving a vehicle, without being in possession of a driving license for that vehicle,
  • 1 driver was noticed driving a vehicle, which bore a road license pertaining to another vehicle,
  • 6 vehicles were issued TOTs for driving with lights not in accordance with the provisions of the law,.
  • 4 vehicles were also issued TOTs for having alterations (tinted film) without the relevant permit from Transport Malta. and
  • A final offender was booked for being intoxicated in public, disturbing the public order and peace as well as permitting a third party to drive a motor vehicle without a valid driving licence.